5 August 2021

“花” 点时间“阅”东蓝娱乐 – Taking a Time Out

Eastern Blu is taking a time out to review the feedbacks from those who supported and bought our first 5 albums.

Most of you said that the cover of the first three albums are misleading. They give the impression that the songs were cover versions of popular songs instead of a compilation of songs from highly regarded singing stars that were very popular during the 70’s and 80’s.

The main reason we did not show the pictures of these super stars is because we do not have the original photos to place them onto the albums. The scan photos from their albums covers were not good enough.

We have since changed the cover designs and have managed to buy a technology to enlarge scan images to be good enough to be designed into the album covers.

Going forth, we will definitely put the singers photos into the cover.

Please keep the feedbacks coming. We need them to improve ourselves so that all of you will have the best audio listening experience in the analog format.

We are please to announce that the next album to be released will be remixed and mastered from the original sound recording of separate audio tracks of Theresa Teng 1/2 in. analog masters. We are thankful to Life Records for providing us these analog master tapes to remix and master in an all analog workflow right up to cutting the vinyl master from the final analog tape master. We want to give our supporting fans and customers the experience of listening to pure analog sound right from when Teresa recorded these songs.

We hope that this album is as good or even better than the original vinyl records of the songs from Teresa Teng. You may have heard that there are only a few master recording analog tapes still maintained by Teresa Teng recording studios. Eastern Blu is fortunate to get her hand on these rare masters from Life Records.

This is why we are taking a time out for this month to review and improve the sound expectations of our fans and customers for our next album release and also to produce this remix and mastering of Teresa Teng release in an all analog work flow.

We will continue to update you all with the progress of our production of this Teresa Teng album – stay tune….






请继续提出宝贵的意见。我们需要你们的意见加以改进,目的是让你们获得最优质的“模拟” 格式聆听体验。