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Eastern Blu will be the first music ecosystem that is able to provide a ready solution that CMOs are looking for – the ability to accrue royalties due in micro transactions to their members.
Our Ecosystem entice music makers and artists to interact independently amongst themselves and with their fans directly – earning more incomes for themselves, motivating them to create more music.

CMOs in China and Asia are under pressure from their respective governments to be more transparent and accountable to their members and licensee users. They are looking actively for a solution to meet the new requirements. Music Makers including artists are clamouring for changes in the digital music age. Roles of traditional players like music labels, publishers and management agencies are diminishing.

Meet the team

The Right Team to Create a Solution: Our management help developed these very collectives across the last 30 years
Lim Tai Wah
Vu Thanh Do
Chief Technology Officer

a thriving ecosystem

15,000 songs onboarded in the last 12 months

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